CLEO.one – The Omni-Asset Trading Platform Finally Allows Independent Traders to Craft Professional Strategies

09/13/2019 16:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

From Stocks to FX and Crypto, Enters a Platform That Does It All

Trading platforms have long been confined to specific needs of the assets they focus on. Screeners for stocks, charting platforms for technical analysis for FX and simple bots or shady signals for crypto. CLEO.one, based in London with operations in Prague, looks to bring strategy creation, backtesting, screening, and automation all under one roof, becoming the ultimate hub for traders regardless of the asset of choice.

Although users can work with technical analysis for any asset, US stock data plus financials, and a creative approach on changes of volume and price on any asset class - equities, forex or cryptocurrencies - the learning curve is non-existent as it’s all commanded through simple typing. Even a complex strategy takes minutes to create, backtest and automate. It enables users to find winning investment and trading strategies, monitor the occurrence of comprising conditions, or fully automate them, in a fraction of time.

This is completely novel in financial tools for individuals as a category, traditionally highly fragmented among asset classes. So, the independent trader, wanting to do proper research on extensive data would have to learn how to code, buy, import and work with data, putting their cost in the thousands of dollars monthly and the time spent working at full time employment. CLEO.one aims to keep offering monthly plans at around $50 and slashing the time that it takes to create a profitable trading strategy for any market, allowing as many people possible to benefit from trading.

High costs and difficult platforms made individual research into trading difficult, giving rise to scammers and various “experts” that charge novices high amounts for trading signals, trading bots or strategies. This practice is especially noted in the crypto trading space, that’s attractive to newer traders and investors due to the low barrier of entry.

“Our platform will help anyone who wants to improve their trading system, including beginners" says Kevin Grulich, the CEO. He adds: "I myself was creating, editing and improving my trading system for over 4 years before I could rely on it to achieve predictable profitability. If I had CLEO.one then, I could do all of it in an eight of that time. That's why we are creating CLEO.one."

Grulich and Martin Kessner founded CLEO.one two years ago. Grulich was a professional trader for seven years before that. Their initial investment of almost $300,000 was helped by friends and family. The Investment has paid off, and they are now rejecting offers for buyouts by global financial institutions, among others, a major organization in Switzerland. 

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