Chicken Soup for the Soul: Why Underdogs Win

10/27/2020 11:00 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

The desire for underdogs is a storyline that is built into our DNA. But how can we leverage this love affair into a multi-series, multi-decade success? On this week’s episode of The Driven Girl Book Club, host and founder of Girl With Drive Press, Ali Craig, breaks down the how and whys that make the Chicken Soup For The Soul franchise still popular, thriving, and a financial success. 

3x best selling, publisher, editor in chief, and fellow entrepreneur, Ali Craig shares with you over two decades of real-world wisdom about what it takes to not only write and market a world-changing book but use it to your brand's advantage.

Girl With Drive Press™ is dedicated to spreading the heartfelt messages of women from around the world. Our female-centric line of authors “talk” on everything from business to life. While the New Notoriety Publishing™ is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs in transforming their stories into their greatest successes - both inspirationally and through their income.

But no matter if you are a female-centered author or entrepreneurial focused, our holistic approach isn’t just about getting your story out there. It is about getting your story out there in a way that maximizes the impact on the reader as well as your personal brand.

Every single week, we go deep into some of the best books on the market as readers as well as fellow authors. Dissecting the experience, expectations, and intentions by understanding the architecture of the art of writing. No matter if you are an avid reader or author in the making, The Driven Girl Book Club will have you inspired, laughing, learning, and flipping the page for just a little more. 

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