ChainBLX: CEO Karl Seelig curated Digital.Davos.2020 in Davos, Ch January 20-25, 2020 is painting an unusually optimistic picture for a bright future in his Editorial Wrap.

01/31/2020 14:00 - United States, California, Beverly Hills - (PR Distribution™)

Last week’s Digital.Davos.2020 hosted celebrity guests from will.i.am and Brittany Kaiser (#thegreathack) to the most influential industry and thought leaders. Special panels have been moderated by Gillian Tett (Chair of Editorial Board and Editor at Large for The Financial Times)  Mike Butcher (Editor at Large for TechCrunch), Aaron Stanly (Editor for Coinbase), Andrew Kolodyuk (founder divanTV) and Karl Seelig (inventor of RBT replacement, co-founder chainBLX, organizer Digital.Davos).

Despite that activism and warnings have been loud and welcomed across most panels reaching from documentaries such as “Parkland Rising” produced by will.I.am or “The Great Hack” with Brittany Kaiser known as “The Whistle Blower” in connection with the scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica and the Trump Presidential Electoral Campaign in 2016. Digital.Davos.2020 editorial wrap paints a brighter future as each panel was combined or followed up by innovators presenting newly developed solutions to toggle the problems (please follow the link for the video


The editorial wrap shows how all carefully peer to peer reviewed selected panel topics painted a future with amazing potential but also issued a firm warning of the need to implement immediate action. (To access the full catalog and videos of the panels please follow the link https://chainblx.io/index.php?p=/discussion/189 ).

Digital.Davos showed another potential world, a world where hedge funds invest with good conscience in companies which help society and regulate their CO2 emissions, where billionaires are helping children and education; where firms voluntarily submit to self-regulation handling personal data as well as financial transparency to the highest standards to safeguard people, investments and privacy; where digital IDs make traveling easier; where fake news is gone; where microtargeting is not used for manipulation but to present consumers with relevant useful information; where medicine fighting cancer is helped by innovation in early detection and by investments in potential cures, where politicians work together to effectively foster such an environment.    

Digital.Davos is such a thought after event in Davos, because of the quality of its audience and its speakers resulting out of the synergies between the organizers.

Digital.Davos is powered by Stromback who organizes over 50+ events each year in Davos, Switzerland and also invests in IPO as well as initial funding rounds. (Stromback.com)

Digital.Davos is organized by chainBLX.io who supports investors with due diligence through its peer to peer network from experts and helps firms with corporate development. ChainBLX supports investors and firms alike, with Software as a Service (SaaS) – solutions, managing and controlling the use of funds to drastically reduce the investment risk to all parties, and offers fair and quick conflict resolutions through binding and non-binding mediation and arbitration services. (chainblx.io)

The unique combination of quality control as well as organizational skills of major events make Digital.Davos a very unique and exclusive event. 

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