CData and SAS Join Forces to Enhance Interoperability Between SAS Applications and CData Drivers

03/18/2019 12:00 - Orlando, FL - (PR Distribution™)

CData and SAS Join Forces to Enhance Interoperability Between SAS Applications and CData Drivers

CData Software (www.cdata.com), a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time data integration, from the 2019 Gartner Data and Analytics Conference today, announced their execution of a Data Management eco-system agreement with SAS, the world's largest provider of data analytics solutions.

The CData Drivers work with SAS products and provide data connectivity to 130+ enterprise data sources for SaaS, NoSQL, and Big Data integration. Through this partnership, CData Software and SAS will work to verify ongoing interoperability between the powerful suite of SAS analytics tools and CData's standards-based drivers.

SAS provides a unifying data management and analytics platform that turns data into intelligence. SAS Technology partnerships establish relationships with leading business and technology organizations, empowering SAS customers to solve today's challenges and uncover tomorrow's opportunities with the latest innovations and business solutions.

"To get the most from SAS solutions, our customers need modern, high-performance data connectivity between SAS and the applications and data sources they rely on every day," said Rob Kulasenski, SAS Data Management Global Alliance Manager. "Working with leading technology companies like CData helps us extend the real-time data connectivity opportunities for our customers."

"Organizations rely on real-time data for critical intelligence but face growing challenges due to data fragmentation, with core organizational data siloed across an increasingly scattered stack of SaaS applications and distributed systems," said Eric Madariaga, Chief Marketing Officer at CData Software. "Working with SAS through this program, our drivers will supplement the connectivity capabilities of SAS solutions, enabling businesses to more easily process real-time data across the applications and data stores that power business."

In addition to enabling support for more than 130 enterprise data sources from SAS solutions, the CData Drivers deliver significant innovations, including:

Standards-Based Connectivity: CData Drivers are universally accessible, offering certified compatibility through JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET.

Expanded Data Access: CData Drivers provide data connectivity with the latest SaaS, CRM, ERP, and data warehouse solutions, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Redshift, and 100+ more.

ANSI-92 SQL Support: CData Drivers support a rich ANSI-92 SQL syntax across all drivers, deeply nested queries, and an extensive set of SQL filters and formulas.

Full CRUD: CData Drivers support full create, read, update, and delete capabilities.

For more information about CData Software products, visit www.cdata.com. Fully functional, 30-day trial versions of CData Drivers are available for download from the company website at www.cdata.com/odbc/.

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