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Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops are a new, convenient method of using cannabis that is accessible as well as versatile. Twisted Extracts Indica Drops are now available at Serene Farms and CBD Oil Canada.  Twisted Extracts make natural products with only two ingredients; cannabis extract and avocado oil. Twisted Extract products are specifically designed to allow you to incorporate cannabis into your regular health routine.

Twisted Extract Drops contain both CBD and THC and can be used to treat symptoms often associated with insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation.  Users report that they are effective in helping aid relaxation and can calm the body. 

Twisted Extract Sativa Drops contain both CBD and THC in proportions of 3:1.  This is an exceptionally popular ratio as it allows for a small proportion of THC to support the active CBD.  Each dropper contains a dose of 2.5 mg of THC and 7.5 mg of CBD. Each bottle of Twisted Extract Sativa Drops contains 75 mg THC and 225 mg CBD.

Indica 3:1 Dosing

2.5 mg THC + 7.5 mg CBD per dropper full (1 mL)

75 mg THC + 225 mg CBD per bottle

Toronto, February 14, 2020

Over recent years there has been a huge increase in interest in the therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil .  For those looking to benefit from an increased sense of overall well being, there is a growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence that cannabis oil may be effective in promoting general health, promoting a sense of overall well being and in combating many common complaints.  

With this interest there has been a concurrent growth in the number of cannabis oil products available on the market.  As ever these vary widely in terms of reliability and quality. When considering a brand of cannabis oil it is crucial to consider the strain of cannabis used, the dosages of active ingredients it contains and the purity of the oil.

Twisted Extracts Sativa Oil Drops are one of many such oils that can be purchased online.  One of the leading brands in the emerging cannabis market, Twisted Extracts produce a range of cannabis products and have quickly become well-regarded for their high quality ingredients.  Twisted Extracts cannabis oils are notable for their high level of purity and refinement and, as a result they boast a host of positive reviews.  

Twisted Extracts cannabis oils can be chosen according to the strain of cannabis used and keep to very strict, clear levels of doses of active ingredients.  Twisted Extracts produce a range of different cannabis oils, offering consumers the ability to choose pure Sativa oil, pure Indica oil or a blend of strains.  Moreover, Twisted Extracts offer CBD only oils or oils that contain both CBD and THC at a range of different ratios to suit the individual consumer.       

A wide range of Twisted Extracts cannabis oils are now available to order online from Serene Farms and CBD Oil Canada

Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops are derived from cannabis plants of the indica strain.   The cannabis oil in this product contains two active ingredients, often referred to as cannabinoids.  THC is the psychotropic substance contained in cannabis, while CBD is usually characterised as a beneficial cannabinoid with no psychoactive effects.  Although it is CBC that is generally considered to convey health and wellness benefits, studies and anecdotal evidence strongly suggests that it is the particular blend of THC and CBD that makes cannabis products particularly effective.  Scientific studies appear to show that CBD, particularly when it is taken in combination with THC, can be effective in reducing the pain associated with conditions associated such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops are derived from plants of the indica strain of cannabis. They are produced by pressing the flowers into a solvent, releasing THC and CBD from the plant matter.  Once the plant matter is removed, the solvent is heated at a low temperature for a number of hours until a thick oil is produced. With Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops you can be sure that this oil is produced to the highest standards of purity. 

It is this combination of THC and CBC that makes Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops such a popular supplement.  The CBC/THC ratio of 3:1 has been shown to be the most effective blend. At the levels there is sufficient THC to enable the CBD to convey the maximum health benefits, while being low enough to prevent any possibility of the THC meaningful impacts on the user.  

While both the THC and the CBD contained in Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops have clear potential health benefits, consumers need to be aware of their different effects and particular legal status.  

The most significant difference is that CBD does not have any psychoactive effects. In other words, taking a dose of a CBD product that does not contain any THC will not get you ‘high’, produce any paranoid, or have any effect on your body control.  This is in contrast to THC, which may produce the euphoric sensations associated with being high when taken in large doses. 

In many territories CBD products are legal and, indeed, increasingly common.  For THC the legal situation is more complex and is often dependent on the precise dosage.  The level of THC used in wellness products such as Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops is usually considered low enough to be classified for health use only.  

As Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops are in the form of a thick oil, they are ideal for a whole range of uses and can be consumed in many ways.  Users typically enjoy consuming Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops on their own, in beverages or as a condiment with food.

As with all cannabis products, it is always advisable to start with small doses and to leave sufficient time between doses to evaluate any effects.  Once you become confident with a low dose, doses can be slowly increased. 

Over time Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops can spoil and lose their potency and spoils easily.   Twisted Extracts Indica Oil Drops should be preserved in a cool and dry place.

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