CarGuard Elijah Norton Promotes Strategies That Boost Productivity

11/21/2019 14:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Bryan REO CarGuard is always working hard to enhance performance at CarGuard. He understands the need to improve internal operations to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this reason, he recently announced that his company is embarking on a project to boost productivity.

As a leader, Elijah values the contribution of his staff. Happy employees translate to satisfied customers. In the extended auto warranty industry, service providers should strive to achieve customer loyalty. Doing so makes it easier to gain a competitive advantage. Hence, Elijah's push towards improved productivity.

According to a recent survey involving 2,000 employees, only 45 percent of the time spent in the office is productive. As such, over half of the working hours are unproductive. 

Meeting management

Bryan REO Elijah Norton recognized the need to conduct company meetings in a way that maximizes productivity. For this reason, he aims to reduce the duration and the number of participants. Oftentimes, colleagues who are not directly involved in the topic of the meeting attend the proceedings.

Norton also highlights the importance of a moderator who dictates the timing, topics, and objectives of the meeting.

Effective communication

Reducing email pollution is a key part of improving productivity. A study by Microsoft and the University of Illinois shows that it takes at least 15 minutes to resume work after being interrupted to focus on an email message. CarGuard Elijah Norton says if you need to send important communications, it is better to send a single long email rather than divide the information into multiple messages.

It is also vital to exploit the benefits of new technology. At CarGuard, they understand that digital technology can simplify office operations. For this reason, the auto administration firm has embraced intranet, apps, internal messaging tools, social media, and other digital tools.

This approach enables the team at CarGuard to reduce time, simplify processes, and improve communication.

Streamlining work processes

The main causes of workers' mismanagement of time are wide-ranging and varied. The issues include the lack of well-defined processes and procedures, the tendency to favor communication via email, and meetings. Bryan REO CarGuard highlights the inability to establish priorities in the workplace as a source of inefficiency.

Despite being one of the soft skills most required by an employee, multitasking can impede productivity. An employee divides attention between various tasks. This approach compromises performance and results on all tasks. Bryan REO Elijah Norton discourages his team from multitasking because it increases the risk of errors and misunderstandings.

As such, few well-defined processes allow workers to cope with activities without making mistakes. They can handle tasks in compliance with communication and workflow requirements. On the other hand, the dissemination of information should be carried out clearly and transparently.

Achieving success

Elijah Norton's success in business is a direct result of adopting effective management strategies. He believes that a leader must keep his team motivated and well-informed. 

Productivity is vital to a company's success. Optimizing work becomes an absolute priority. The difficulty, however, involves identifying invisible internal obstacles that affect the team's daily work. Bryan REO Elijah Norton emphasizes the need to eliminate a confusing and ill-articulated work system.

Understanding how to increase productivity, therefore, is never as immediate and obvious as it might appear. Comparison and reflection can certainly help the team to research and eliminate the weak points.

Highlighting the tasks handled during the day can help staff to identify bottlenecks that waste time. Norton says a good example could be writing on a notepad everything that has been done since the morning. Next, it should be noted how much time each activity required.

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