Candidate Don Hill Files FEC Complaint Against Lance Gooden and Campaign Committee

02/17/2020 14:00 - United States, Texas, Dallas - (PR Distribution™)

A sworn Complaint was recently filed against Texas Congressman Lance Gooden (CD-5) and the Lance Gooden for Congress Committee (“Gooden Committee”) alleging that 23 payments totaling $141,260.69 were made directly to Mr. Gooden by his campaign committee during calendar year 2019. All information in the Complaint is taken from public FEC financial filings from the Gooden Committee and can be found at http://www.FEC.gov by searching for reported disbursements. A downloadable copy of the Complaint and supporting exhibits are available at https://donhillforcongress.com/news. The Complaint was filed by Mr. Don Hill of Dallas, Texas, a resident of Texas’s CD-5 and candidate in the Republican primary for Texas's CD-5. The Complaint alleges that the direct payments of over $141,000 to Gooden by the Gooden Committee failed to comply with campaign finance laws prohibiting payment of campaign funds to candidates/office holders for personal use and FEC reporting requirements which require the disclosure of detailed information regarding campaign disbursements, including the ultimate payee/vendor name, address, date, amount, and purpose of the payment. (Complaint, Exhibits A and B). The Complaint further alleges that records found on the FEC website show that Gooden’s reported “expense reimbursements” were 16.5 times greater than the combined total of “expense reimbursements” for all other 35 U.S. Representatives from Texas, which totaled only $6,503.90 in 2019. (Complaint, Page 1, footnote 7) The Complaint seeks an immediate and credible explanation for the direct payments to Gooden from his Committee.

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