Bwanaz is Helping Local Businesses Back into the Competition

05/07/2019 08:00 - United States, California, Claremont - (PR Distribution™)

Despite the hurdles set before it as a small business, Ohah Craft has been able to grow beyond them thanks to the assistance of Bwanaz, a wholesale marketplace platform.

Founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, California, Ohah Craft is a wholesale manufacturer that was created to provide affordable arts and crafts supplies to their local communities. Their products are top-notch quality and perfect for all sorts of cool arts and crafts projects. Unfortunately, Ohah Craft is also one of the many local businesses in recent years that have faced difficulties with their expansion and growth. The rise of industrial giants that end up dominating the markets has ended more than a few wholesale businesses like Ohah Crafts.

Prior to registering with Bwanaz, Ohah Craft faced enormous difficulty in getting their products out to retail businesses. However, with their registration to Bwanaz’s wholesale website Ohah Craft has been able to move their products to retailers with greater efficiency than ever. Bwanaz’s unique business model has allowed Ohah Craft to sell their high-quality products out to retailers at affordable wholesale prices that can’t be found anywhere else. Thanks to the sheer breadth of Bwanaz’s buyer base, Ohah Craft has been able to act competitively in the wholesale industry once more. They’ve even been able to expand their list of products and have sold tens of thousands of units through Bwanaz’s incredibly efficient online marketplace platform. One of their best-selling products, their 3” Hanging Glass Globes has reached the staggering number of over 90,000 units moved through Bwanaz! In a mere four months on Bwanaz’s online platform, Ohah Craft has been able to increase their total sale revenue by an incredible 366! Registering with Bwanaz was the second chance that Ohah Craft needed to get back on their feet and start acting competitively again, with no signs of their continued growth slowing down.

As explained by one of Bwanaz’s managers, "Local businesses are important. The internet is never going to be able to replace that experience fully. However, it is getting harder to keep that experience in the world today, something that we recognize here at Bwanaz. We want to make it easier for communities to keep their local business intact by making sure they have the supplies they need at affordable prices."

About Bwanaz: Founded in 2016, Bwanaz is a company based in Claremont, CA and is on its way to becoming the #1 Online Wholesale Platform for wholesale distributors and retailers. Their low fee model and innovative website design provide an open platform for any business looking to register and add products to their website.

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