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2019-12-03 11:28:39 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

DivIHN Integration and Next Era Transformation Group Announce Strategic Partnership


Chicago, IL – DivIHN Integration, Inc. (“DivIHN”) and Next Era Transformation Group, LLC (“NETG”) are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining DivIHN’s reputed technology consultancy services and Next Era Transformation Group’s prominent thought leaders in the areas of digital risk management and cybersecurity.

With cybersecurity and technology risk management playing an increasingly critical role across all industries and every aspect of the business, organizations public and private, recognize the need to assess, prioritize and mitigate their business and technology risks to retain their competitive advantage.

With this partnership, DivIHN and NETG are pleased to announce the appointment of Laszlo S. Gonc, CISSP, as the first senior fellow for DivIHN Integration’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. Gonc was selected for his longstanding reputation in the field of cybersecurity and managing digital risk. He brings breadth and depth of experience to this role, serving on numerous professional organizations’ boards, both local and national. As a practitioner and consultant, his work has included mid-size and billion-dollar organizations across a spectrum of industries including healthcare, insurance, legal, banking, marketing, manufacturing, and others.

Laszlo Gonc shared, “With this partnership, we bring together the enormous collective experience of senior technology leaders across numerous industries and specialties. Our combined resources bring to bear the refined disciplines of strategy creation, ideation, execution, and successful implementation to achieve client-defined business outcomes.”

The DivIHN-NETG partnership brings together deep skills in digital strategy, technology risk management/assessment/mitigation, cybersecurity, and information governance to help support clients through successful transitions and transformations. The portfolio of solutions includes mergers & acquisitions, data analytics, supply chain vendor risk management, and new era technologies such as machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

Herald Ignatius Manjooran, Founder and CEO of DivIHN, stated that this partnership will extend DivIHN’s capabilities in Cybersecurity Solutions, and will be in line with the core commitment of a holistic approach to Solutions, and pursuing Leadership and Innovation in Strategy alignment, Technology vision, Solution Design, and Project/ Service delivery.

The combined expertise of both organizations will benefit commercial and public sector enterprises when it comes to adopting modern cyber risk paradigms as well as to implementing innovative solutions through the joint services model.

About DivIHN 

The business purpose of Success and Transformation of Client, Employee, and stakeholders defines DivIHN (pronounced ‘Divine’). The core purpose sought by DivIHN is ‘Positively Impacting Lives, one interaction at a time’.

DivIHN is a holistic business technology consulting organization. Since its formation in 2002, DivIHN has been trusted by corporations, not-for-profit entities, and government entities to collaborate with them in solving some of their business challenges and helping achieve their goals. DivIHN has built a reputation as a partner of value, integrity, and true long-term perspective.

DivIHN offers Innovation and Expertise in:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Applications & Cloud
  • Risk & Cybersecurity
  • Workforce Solutions, and
  • M&A IT

DivIHN’s solution approach is holistic in and across each of these solution areas. In Strategic Client Relationships DivIHN brings Leadership in Strategy Alignment, Technology Vision, Solution Design, and Project Delivery.

DivIHN is a minority-owned and certified business that believes strongly in contributing to the society that we live and work in.

About Next Era Transformation Group 

Next Era Transformation Group (NETG) is a thought leadership and advisory group wholly focused on today’s critical risks in Digital, Privacy and Cyber.  We offer clients a unique and holistic set of perspectives and approaches to developing sound and adaptable strategies for mitigating and managing Digital, Privacy and Cyber Risk. The networked world we live and conduct business in is always challenging and presents an ever-changing risk and threat landscape. Next Era’s unique experience and abilities encompasses strategy, implementation, operations and support for your business. 

If you are:

  • Thinking about or already engaged in Digitally Transforming your business
  • Investigating, strategizing and/or testing new technologies
  • Preparing for or struggling with Data Privacy issues
  • Assessing or reacting to Cybersecurity threats or attacks, or
  • Asking questions about how to be ready in the event of a crisis.

For more information, please call DivIHN at +1-847-882-0585, or visit our website at

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