Budget Branders Donates 100% Of April Profits To Provide Meals To Those Unemployed By COVID-19

04/14/2020 11:00 - United States, Michigan, Grand Rapids - (PR Distribution™)

Hudsonville, MI - As a restaurant supplier, Budget Branders has seen the devastating effects that the global pandemic has had on the restaurant industry. The industry that employed roughly 15.3 million Americans in January is now down over 3 million jobs. Roughly 3% of all US restaurants have been forced to permanently close due to the coronavirus and another 11% will likely close within the next 30 days. 

“We’ve been left heartbroken watching many of our friends and partners in the restaurant industry struggle. We realize that many restaurant workers and owners are now left to fend for themselves without any kind of income,” Ramsey Gilbertsen, the founder of Budget Branders, remarked. “We wanted to help those who have been newly unemployed by COVID-19, so we devised a plan to donate 100% of our profits for April towards supporting those in need.” 

Budget Branders has partnered with non-profit, World Central Kitchen, for the month of April. World Central Kitchen provides chef prepared meals to communities throughout the country that have been impacted by the pandemic. World Central Kitchen not only feeds those who are unemployed, but also gives many restaurants an opportunity to get back to work in preparing food for the program. Ramsey hopes the partnership will be a win-win because restaurants will receive the supplies they need while families will receive the food and nourishment they may not be able to afford. 

You can learn more about the promotion here. Budget Branders will continue to try to assist local communities in any way possible. 

About Budget Branders

Budget Branders has partnered with manufacturers around the world to provide restaurants with affordable branded cups, sleeves, and bags. Outside of providing supplies, Budget Branders regularly advocates for the prosperity and safety of restaurants and restaurant workers. You can learn more about Budget Branders here.

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