BigBang Core On-chain Carbon Emissions Trading Layout

2020-05-30 11:24:48 - China, Xianggang, Guiqing - (PR Distribution™)

To address the global problem of climate change, the United Nations has launched the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol in response to global warming, and has also launched a carbon trading market mechanism based on carbon dioxide emission rights. The participants in carbon emissions are mainly the government, emission control enterprises, emission reduction enterprises, intermediaries, third-party auditors, etc. After several years of piloting, the carbon emissions trading market is gradually regulated, and carbon assets will become an important part of the assets of enterprises and financial institutions.

But one thing that has constrained the development of the carbon trading market is its liquidity. In terms of the current situation, whether domestic or foreign, relying on the compliance needs of emission control and reduction enterprises and third-party institutions will not further activate the liquidity of the carbon trading market, the whole carbon trading market is still in the exploration stage. How to activate the tens of billions of dollars’ worth of carbon trading market, to stimulate market liquidity, must be one of the priorities to address.

BigBang Core believes that in order to stimulate the liquidity of the carbon trading market, the first thing that needs to be solved is the issue of trust, providing an environment where all parties can trust the agreement, so that the government, emission control enterprises, emission reduction enterprises, intermediaries, third-party auditors and other major players can trade freely, safely and stably, to protect the interests of all parties, thus revitalizing the entire carbon trading market.

One solution that BigBang Core has proposed is blockchain. Blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database, integrating distributed data storage, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanism, cryptographic algorithm and other computer technologies. Its essence is a tool to support the collaboration of large-scale social activities, and it realizes the construction of trust in the non-trust environment of the carbon trading market.

Through blockchain, BigBang Core embeds "trust" into every carbon trading process, supporting governments, enterprises, intermediaries, third-party organizations and other entities to share carbon emissions trading data and exchange carbon asset values in a secure environment, thus greatly enhancing the trust and security of the carbon trading market and optimizing the entire carbon trading process.

At the same time, BigBang Core system is also designed for IoT (Internet of Things) data business requirements, using block technology to provide a decentralized security management platform for IoT data business, to achieve the high concurrency, low latency and other performance requirements required by IoT systems. Based on the IoT device chain, BigBang Core will layout the carbon trading market throughout the Internet of Things to achieve the "interconnection of everything" carbon trading ecology.

BigBang Core will extend carbon trading from a single point layout to the overall expansion of IoT, breaking the "silo economy" and striving to create ubiquitous carbon trading services, transparent and efficient carbon trading process, fine and accurate carbon data regulation, and the integration of innovative carbon information economy!

On the other hand, carbon trading is actually a method instead of a purpose, and limiting emissions is to encourage the development of new energy sources and reduce environmental pollution, while participation in the global carbon market is limited.

BigBang Core creates a new collaborative relationship and incentive mechanism through the features of equity, consensus, trust and fast flow of value provided by blockchain technology. BBC is a public chain Coin and a practitioner of carbon economy trading ecology, representing the interests of carbon assets. BigBang Core builds an open-flow incentive-based value-cycle economy based on the BBC, enabling the creation, flow, transfer and transformation of carbon assets within and outside the economy.

Blockchain is a natural cryptographic infrastructure that is the most reliable and indestructible protection for the BBC, and blockchain is a transaction and flow infrastructure that makes the BBC highly liquid, fast and secure. At the same time, the design of this incentive mechanism makes BigBang Core's collaboration with the carbon trading market deeper and decentralized, more difficult to disrupt by attack, and makes it impossible for anyone to single-handedly break into or disrupt the system, a design that almost guarantees full validity and trust in every exchange of information.

BigBang Core implements a wider collaboration in the carbon trading market through an incentive mechanism. When the boundaries of consensus are opened, the carbon trading market model also changes. BigBang Core believes that the carbon economy and ecology created by blockchain technology will promote the development of global green environment and achieve greater prosperity for the new energy economy.

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