Autism Spectrum Disorder and Dyadic Therapy Success

10/11/2019 06:00 - NEW YORK, NEW YORK - (PR Distribution™)

Nine-year-old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder learns to be independent and gains confidence through creative psychological treatment at The Sherkow Center. Cameron began dyadic therapy at age three with Dr. Susan Sherkow, a form of therapy where the therapist attunes to the child’s subjective experiences and reflects them back to the child in a playful, accepting, curious, and empathic environment.

The Sherkow Center Method is a model of treatment that uses psychodynamically-informed, multi-focused interventions directed at the unique relational, cognitive, and emotional aspects of each child and parent-child relationship. The Sherkow Center Method empowers every the child to communicate and use effective behaviors to fulfill their needs. This helps them to both develop behavior regulation and grow in their capacity for genuine social connection.

In his impressive progress over the past six years, Cameron proved that developmental difficulties associated with ASD can be overcome. When he began treatment, Dr. Sherkow noticed significant delays in Cameron’s expressive language, including scripting, and uneven social and emotional development. Early on, his therapy revealed pervasive anxiety, as Cameron struggled with self-regulation, performance anxiety, and sibling rivalry. This anxiety was expressed as unmitigated competitiveness in every area. Feeling overwhelmed and not in control when playing with others, Cameron was hyper-focused on competition. He would often have temper tantrums and change the rules of every game and sport.

Through continued treatment overtime, Cameron began to develop an ability to focus on his own skills. He discovered a talent for writing, reading, and sports, which allowed him to feel safe and confident in his natural abilities. He became flexible in playing any game, as he grew to accept himself as a valuable person with both talents and flaws. As a result of his treatment, Cameron’s diagnosis has become less visible and less problematic, allowing him to live a richer life, with budding friendships, less anxiety, and more belief in himself.

Dr. Susan Sherkow has over 40 years’ experience working closely with children and their families. Over time, Dr. Sherkow recognized the need for a unique approach when working with children with autism or other developmental delays, one that was grounded in psychoanalytic theory and childhood development. She founded The Sherkow Center for Child Development & ASD in 2012. She leads a multidisciplinary team in order to provide comprehensive care.

(Note: name of the child has been changed for patient protection)

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