Artist Opens Unique and Stylish Online Stores to Showcase Beautiful Artworks

03/27/2020 17:00 - USA - (PR Distribution™)

An artist has opened two unique and stylish online websites to offer art enthusiasts and parents a more convenient way of accessing art apparels for their kids and some for themselves. The two websites https://artbymiguelbalbas.com/ and https://thegreatkidsboutique.com/ owned by Miguel Balbas feature a beautiful and unique collection of art designed by the artist himself.  

The main website Art by Miguel Balbas contains different types of clothing and more than 200 posters of wall art to choose from. The clothing category is further broken down into the children, women and men clothing meaning that the website has catered for the needs of everyone. The art patterns on the clothes are uniquely designed with different colors and shapes giving you the true meaning of artwork. 

Speaking about the website, Miguel Balbas said,

“The pieces of art found on this website are unique and designed individually. We have stocked over 2300 items on this website to make sure we cater for everyone. These pieces of art are as a result of many years of hard work and determination. Even without an explicit content, these works are attractive, decorative and tendency-defining making them fit as gifts for friends, family and people you know.”

This website is updated every day with high quality art pieces of cloth and wall art that will always inspire you to be a better fashion of yourself each day. 

Another sister website, The Great Kids Boutique also features a unique mix of apparels in four categories designed and named after common items that your kids can easily relate with. 

  • Aliens- These are super funny and easy for kids to understand. They come with different colors on that stand out in the clothing. The core message from this piece of art is that aliens are there to protect your kids from anything that might cause harm.
  • Robots- The robot section features a diverse collection of great imaginary designs of robots printed on the kid’s cloth. With beautifully designed patterns, the message behind this design is that robots will be there to assist your kid.
  • Animals- From the panda bear to the lion, the animal collection in the store is drawn from 11 animals that the kids like. 
  • Dinosaurs- As a creative way of reminding the kids that dinosaurs existed, the artist came up with this category that features the dinosaurs with their full strength.

The beautiful and unique art found on both websites are a clear illustration of Miguel Balbas’s commitment to bring together imagination and creativity in the world of art. With this artwork, Miguel has once again proven to be a one of a kind, and his benevolence, sensitivity and good taste will make him a distinguished master who will continue to delight us with his works for many years.  

Customers can order any piece of art or apparel on the two websites by the click of a button. Shipping services are also offered. 

About Miguel Balbas

Miguel Balbas is an artist who has been involved in this world of art for many years already, and throughout those years he has been committed to “taking advantage” of the materials that he has had around him, giving them life in unimaginable ways and versions. His artwork is more of a tribute to the perfection of form, from someone whose objective, in his personal as well as professional life, is to make existence more tolerable for the rest of us. His unique creativity and imagination has seen him produce attractive, decorative and tendency-defining pieces of art. Miguel Balbas treats his works like an architect executing his project. From the initial sketches to the end product, the spontaneity that apparently reigns in his creations is nothing more than an illusion, for it is with decided criteria that the author reflects his ideas on the materials. 

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Website: https://www.miguelbalbas.eu/

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