Ari Gunzburg Redefines Success and Failure with Launch of New Podcast

10/16/2019 13:00 - United States, District of Columbia, Washington - (PR Distribution™)

Ari Gunzburg has launched a new podcast entitled Way To Greatness, which chronicles the journey from failure and mediocrity to success and greatness. 

What is the meaning of success? What does society believe success is? 

In the words of Ari Gunzburg, the host of the podcast, "Society as a whole connects success with power, fame and money. Yet the people who achieve wealth, fame and power often find themselves unfulfilled. This is a disservice to all of society, because success is so much richer than just that. Success is what YOU define it as." 

The podcast launched on September 19, 2019, in conjunction with what some say was the largest LinkedIn meetup ever, #LinkedInGlobal. At the event around 1000 people from all over the world met, networked, and connected in person. 

"They took the online connections offline, and everyone gained from it," says Ari, who was an official ambassador for the event. "I met a lot of people before and during this event - and every conversation I had at the event was incredibly valuable. The connections I made at the event will likely last a lifetime." 

Ari Gunzburg is a keynote motivational speaker and a wilderness liaison, helping busy people experience the wilderness. He has led trips to varied places including Yosemite and the Colorado Rockies. 

When asked about the premise behind the show, Ari explains, "True success should be defined by the person attempting to achieve a goal. Define what the goal is, reach it - and you ARE successful. People are not one size fits all, so a definition of success should not be one size fits all either. And what about failure?! So many people call themselves a failure, or tag something #epicfail. Failure is simply an event, a stepping stone on the way to success. Failure is an event that we can learn from and grow through." 

The podcast, Way To Greatness, is available on Apple Podcasts and wherever podcasts are available, including Stitcher and Google Play. As of this writing, Way To Greatness has a 5.0 star rating from 17 reviews on Apple Podcasts. For media inquires or to contact Ari Gunzburg, please visit his website: https://arigunzburg.com

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