Archaic Procurement Process Motivates Launch of Industry Marketplace

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ITADCentral Aims to be an Airbnb of IT Asset Disposition

COLUMBUS, OH -- February 23, 2020 -- Retire-IT, LLC (Retire-IT), a provider of information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services, announces the launch of ITADCentral.com.

After his company received a request-for-proposal that read, "Congratulations, your company has been selected to participate along with 25 of your competitors," Kyle Marks, the founder and CEO of Retire-IT, knew the ITAD industry desperately needed a change.

Organizations constantly replace unwanted computer equipment to keep up with technology and improve productivity. This rush to upgrade, however, creates a challenge: large numbers of excess electronics must be disposed of properly. ITAD is the industry built around disposing of computer equipment in a safe, secure, and environmentally responsible manner.

Media coverage has increased awareness of the data security and environmental concerns surrounding ITAD, including regulatory fines and bad publicity when confidential data falls into the wrong hands or equipment is discovered in developing countries. In response, the ITAD industry had developed rigorous standards. Today, approximately 1,000 electronics recycling facilities in United States have become certified to R2 and e-Stewards standards.

While the ITAD industry has standardized and evolved, the approach for buying ITAD services has not kept pace. Buying ITAD services can be a frustrating experience, especially when a buyer needs to get multiple quotes from vendors to ensure they are getting a good deal.

Buyers spend valuable time trying to find the right solution in an opaque market. Gathering information takes time and comparing offers and determining quality-of-service can be complicated. ITAD is not a commodity.

ITADCentral revolutionizes the archaic approach of buying ITAD. ITADCentral enables buyers to find the perfect provider and the best deal. Posting projects on the platform is free, easy, and anonymous. Buyers can now avoid the redundant sales calls and compare detailed offers from vetted vendors who are vying for a chance to help. What previously took days or weeks now takes a few clicks.

“Finding the perfect service provider shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack,” Marks said. “With ITADCentral, you can stop losing time searching and let the perfect providers find you.”

Not only can buyers compare apples-to-apples offers, but they can view vendor ratings and read customer reviews. Now buyers can choose experts to work with not just a price. ITADCentral enables buyers to hire based on value, not just the lowest bid.

Large organizations understand the importance of vendor selection. Request for proposal (RFP) has been a time-honored tradition in the ITAD industry. While an RFP can be effective in selecting an appropriate vendor, relying on a single vendor can result in sub-optimal outcomes.

ITAD involves a diverse range of technologies, geographies, and circumstances. Limiting yourself to only one vendor means sacrificing savings, over-spending on logistics, and getting shortchanged on value recovery. Even worse, limiting yourself to only one vendor can mean putting up with poor service until your next RFP.

“Working with approved vendors shouldn’t mean putting all your eggs in one basket,” according to Marks. “Buyers should have a choice. And you shouldn’t feel grateful when your vendor manages to perform basic services. Clients deserve to be treated with care by professionals who care, every project.”

ITADCentral is raising the quality of service in ITAD by giving buyers a voice. When a service provider exceeds expectations, buyers can reward them with a 5-star rating and write a positive review. But if a provider under-delivers, they can expect negative a review. And if a service provider ever fails to honor their commitment to the community, they risk being removed.

ITADCentral keeps quality of service high several ways. ITADCentral only works with R2 and eStewards certified providers who follow industry best practices and adhere to ITADCentral requirements and code of ethics. ITADCentral verifies credentials and continuously monitors provider performance, including client feedback.

ITADCentral is a win-win. ITADCentral ensures that buyers find the perfect provider and get the best value while they avoid legal risks, environmental concerns, and unnecessary costs. ITADCentral also enables high-integrity providers to showcase their qualifications in an accurate and transparent way without the risk of being undercut by unfair competition.

Neil Peters-Michaud, CEO of Cascade Asset Management, explained, “We need a bridge between enterprises looking for a responsible and secure solution for ITAD and our ability to service the right clients. A platform like ITADCentral can help optimize the ‘matchmaking’ process and optimize value for all parties.”

According to Frank Milia, a Partner of IT Asset Management Group, shared a similar view. “ITADCentral is an exciting platform that bridges the gap between procurement agents who are seeking to contract ITAD providers at a competitive rate, and vendors who wish to fairly compete for new business exclusively with other capable vendors that deliver value, quality, security and compliant services,” said Milia.

Brett Rhinehardt, Co-Owner of eCycleSecure, added, “ITADCentral delivers independent vendor verification, and continual process oversight to ensure liability mitigation. Multiple vendor responses empower the customer to instantly choose based on price, or to reduce internal costs by choosing based on service and convenience. The customer receives all the primary information they need, without the dreaded sales call from a vendor.”

ITADCentral was created by Retire-IT. Founded in 2004, Retire-IT is a consulting firm that specializes in management and quality control of IT asset disposition. Retire-IT pioneered disposal tag chain-of-custody and software to automate asset tracking and vendor performance benchmarking. With a vendor-neutral approach and proven process, Retire-IT manages retirement and remarketing of unwanted computer equipment with a network of R2 and e-Stewards certified partners.

For additional information, visit www.ITADCentral.com. To schedule a demonstration contact support@itadcentral.com or call (888) 839-6555.

Kyle Marks
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(888) 839-6555

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