An 18-year-old entrepreneur Landyn Gerleman to inspire a generation

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Becoming an entrepreneur requires real passion, enthusiasm, and a willingness to step into something new and unexplored. Young people should be the ones who will form a new better modern world that will be tailored to them. Entrepreneurship is ideal because each individual can show how ingenious he is in the field he loves and which he thinks can bring him success and a better future. Young people should increasingly approach entrepreneurship and look for themselves through it.  

The millennials have a significant impact on the entrepreneurial world. The level of energy they possess is not questioned and greatly contributes to business results. The best example of this is Landyn Gerleman, an 18-year-old who is already an entrepreneur and CEO. Entrepreneurship is best started when every individual thinks the time has come for it and Landyn started his dream already as an eleven-year-old boy. Already at the age of 13, he had his own lawn care business in his neighborhood and at the age of 14, he entered social networks and started being a small influencer. 

Landyn Gerleman did not stop dreaming big. Working in the social media business, he became CEO of Creators Live, at the age of 17. On June 20th, 2020 he produced a big social media event that started it all. The event took a place in Branson, Missouri at the Welk Resorts Branson Theatre, and hosted over 45 content creators including Danielle Cohn, Mattia Polibio, Sebastian Topete, Derek Trendz, Kobe Morris, Diego Martir and had over 800 attendees. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed meet-and-greets, panel discussions, games, and an evening of performances by several creators on a full-blown theatrical stage! Also, he runs a social media tour that went to 7 different cities that includes Branson, Missouri, Kansas City, KS, Chicago, IL, Lexington, KY, Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL, Tampa Florida that had 10 famous content creators Derek Trendz, Danielle Cohn, Mikey Tua, Kobe Morris, Fred Degrace, Aya, CurlyHairBobby, Jabez, Mathew Valenzuela, Desiree Montoya.  

Landyn started all of this at the age of 17, after attending an event called Playlist Live that inspired him for his event. “It still feels unreal that I had my first event! It was a huge dream of mine and for anyone out there that doesn’t think dreams can come true, I was where you were and thought the same thing. But one thing I can say never gives up on your dreams go out to do what you love. Don’t let anyone stop you. Nothing is impossible” said Landyn Gerleman.  

At the age of 18, Landyn became the creator of his life. Landyn has many new plans. “To work in the influencers business I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I have been given and I’m just 18! I hope I can inspire so other 18-year-olds or younger out there that have a dream. It’s possible like I said. Never give up on your dreams” - says this very successful young entrepreneur.

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