Amid The Housing Boom, More People Are Turning To Local Movers

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Amid the housing boom, more and more people are turning to College Dudes Help U Move in order to complete their moves stress free. With housing prices increasing, and a real estate market on fire, it is hard for movers to keep up with the demand. College Dudes Help U Move provides a convenient and affordable alternative that will get you out of your house as fast as possible without breaking the bank.


In 2019, 30% more homes were sold than 2018. This trend is expected to continue well into 2022. However, realtors anticipate a leveling off after that time period with only small increases each year until 2026 when another jump will be noted due to rising interest rates from the Federal Reserve Board (FRB). Many homes going on the market today are sold in a matter of days, sometimes hours. This is good news for the moving industry, and maybe not good news for the consumer as the demand for moving services will undoubtedly continue to drive up the price for licensed and credentialed movers.


A Supply & Demand Market Place


"The moving Industry is a supply and demand marketplace . If housing prices go up, more and more people are going to need movers. The housing boom has been a great time for College Dudes Help U Move because people are switching from doing the move themselves to hiring us as their moving company in order to save money on the cost of the move while also supporting college students in their community," said Founder and CEO Abraham Cannon.


"Realtors love working with moving companies that can help them get their clients in and out of housing on short notice. We sought to build a company that can do just that for our clients and referral sources" said Cannon. "We have developed stellar reputation with realtors across the country for getting their clients out of their old and into their new home quickly so they can focus on what they do best-selling homes, said Cannon"


Demand For Movers Greater Than Ever


Demand for licensed, insured, professional Charlotte movers has never been higher. Selecting the right mover for your job can be difficult as most good moving companies schedules fill up rather quickly. With movers being in such high demand, it can be difficult to find movers who will work with your schedule, provide you with a good rate for their services, as well as show up on time. Start-Up College Dudes Help U Move offers a satisfaction guarantee as well as provide basic valuation coverage on every move. Additionally, consumers have the option of purchasing additional valuation to make sure that their household goods have the protection they need if items were to get damaged in transit.


"Its the attention to detail, customer service, and white glove treatment that sets us apart from the big boys like All My Sons, and Two Men And A Truck" said Cannon.


Book Your Move In Advance To Get The Mover You Really Want


With housing prices increasing every day and a real estate market on fire, it is hard for the moving industry to keep up with the demand. Moving across town is expensive enough, but moving across the country can be a huge headache, especially when it's scheduled at the last minute. "We are always happy to help families with their move anywhere in the United States" said Cannon. Additionally, Cannon suggest that people book their moves at least one to two months in advance to make sure that they secure the services of a moving company that they feel can complete the job to their satisfaction.


About College Dudes Help U Move


College Dudes Help U Move is a Charlotte moving and logistics start-up. The brand was founded in 2011 by CEO Abraham Cannon. The company launched its first physical location in 2019 with COO Hannibal Colbert. The company employs College Students from the local community and a percentage of each move goes to support scholarships and good deeds in the communities they service. College Dudes Help U Move is headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, and is one of the fastest growing moving companies in the state. To learn more, visit www.collegedudeshelpmove.com.


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