After the Affair, A Solution for the Hurt Partner in an Affair

2019-02-04 11:31:47 - USA - (PR Distribution™)

After the Affair is a purposeful project that aimed at being the solution for the hurt partner in an affair. A project driven by passion and experience, it is birthed from the past bitter experience and lessons of a gentle soul whose marriage failed when she discovered her partner’s infidelity and unfaithfulness in their relationship.

Unfortunately, the hurt partner was drowning in anxiety and felt like her life was over, but she pulled through and healed because she garnered strength for her young daughters, who were her reason to survive and once again thrive.

Moreover, our world has more than enough programs available for couples, sex addicts, porn addicts, and others but no resources that reach out to the hurt partners in such affairs. It is pitiable that the world neglects the hurt partners and allows them to wallow in their pain all by themselves from which many never get over.

But now, there is hope of getting help and guidance for speedy healing and recovery for every hurt partner in an affair. After the Affair is here to show that we can take the hurt and pain that we did not ask for and use it to make stronger and happier versions of ourselves.

The project is aimed at reaching out to hurt partners, male and female, After the Affair walks them through the stages of grieving and processing what has happened to them all the way to caring for yourself well, learning that forgiveness is for them and their healing and how to become new stronger version of themselves. Members will be proud of who they are on the other side of their recovery. This is After the Affair's goal. 

The founder of the project has gone above and beyond, working hard, to create this program so that persons going through pain due to hurt from an affair won’t have reasons for not getting help.

After the Affair is structured for everyone, that is, the packages from the program are seamless and accessible at everyone's convenience. The packages include videos that are emailed to subscribers every week, and they can watch when their schedule allows. The program also offers 4 weekly sessions each month for less than one co-pay ($32.95), that's $8.23 a session.

As the founder of After the Affair launches the company, hurting men and women out there who are not getting help should open up and reach out to After the Affair for help, direction, and start their recovery process to becoming whole again. 

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