A-VAC’s Expanded New Website

2020-07-29 18:29:48 - United States, California, Anaheim - (PR Distribution™)

A-VAC’s Expanded Website – Now sharing our 50 Years of Technical Expertise in our Blog and FAQ sections to help you run your Vacuum Pump Equipment at Optimal Performance

The year 1969 was packed with exciting and life-changing events, the biggest one being Merlin T. Kirby’s grand opening of A-VAC Industries. For nearly half a century, customers have come to count on A-VAC to provide expertise, selection, and exceptional service. We are proud to announce to have created an improved website to help uphold these values. 

The new website streamlines the viewing of the expanded selection of vacuum pumps, accessories, brands, and services that features only those known worldwide for excellence. New pages have been added to provide more information about different types of vacuum pumps and our vacuum pump repair services.  We have expanded our FAQ technical information section with helpful information for troubleshooting and running your vacuum pump for optimal performance. Our 50 years of expertise is now being shared on a continual basis on our site with our expanded Blogs giving valuable operation and application information. The website is also now intuitive and mobile-friendly so users can easily find anything they need.

When Merlin struck out on his own after working in the Aerospace and Electronic fields, he founded A-VAC with the motto “Providing High Quality in High Vacuum”. Sadly, our beloved Merlin passed away in 2018 leaving his protégé and son, Don McGregor, to take over the business and continue to promote integrity, honesty, and customer service.

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