A Second Surprise Collection Launched for Enigmatic Jewelry Line Triangle of Bears

2019-09-02 18:40:00 - Australia, Victoria, Melbourne - (PR Distribution™)

Creator Gemma Triangle Pushes Creative Envelope with another round of her ‘33 Days of Surprises’ Challenge Project


Driven by the overwhelming response to her first collection challenge, Melbourne, Australia based female artist and jeweler Gemma Triangle recently offered pieces for a 2nd collection under the ‘33 Days of Surprises’ challenge project. The goal of the project is to challenge herself to create a new handmade piece of jewelry/wearable art every day for the 33 days, witheach piece revealed at 7am AEST in her web store https://triangleofbears.com


The collections featured a post-modern melange of quirky and irreverent pop-inspired wearables. Fairy tale caricatures, vibrant psychedelic iconography, even 90’s airbrushed style animalia found themselves gem encrusted and intricately patterned into necklaces, pendants and much more.


With the first collection completely selling out (many pieces sold within a few minutes of display), the 2nd collection proved an even greater challenge as Gemma was forced to dig deeper into the creative well to maintain the distinction her pieces have become renowned for.


“My work may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think my success is a testament to the truth that weird is wonderful!” commented Gemma Triangle. “Life is too short to wear boring jewelry.


The “Collection 2” challenge ran through to August 23rd, with Gemma successfully creating a piece each day for 33 days after many late nights leaving her completely exhausted at the end, but proud of her achievement. Gemma now has plans for a 3rd collection under the 33 Days Project currently planned to start around mid October. 


Before the 3rd Collection starts though, Gemma is having a Halloween "Days" collection starting on September 18th where she will auction the pieces off daily with a percentage of each piece sold going to animal Rescue Farm Rancho Relaxo in New Jersey, USA. Shoppers who subscribe to her “Babe Tribe” mailing list will receive 15% off all items & early bird notification of all new items in shop 1 hour before social media is notified.


Items in the latest collection can be viewed and purchased at https://triangleofbears.com. Her Instagram account @trianglebears is followed by over 22 thousand users, and features highlights & behind the scenes of her work.


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