A New Digital Marketing Hotspot: How Minneapolis is Becoming an Industry Leader in SEO

2018-11-16 15:58:31 - MINNEAPOLIS - (PR Distribution™)

Minneapolis’ growing digital marketing landscape has positioned the city as a marketing and advertising hub, especially for Search Engine Optimization. 

In 2017, digital work made up more than half of U.S. agency revenue, this according to AdAge. Just look around at the number of national digital marketing conferences all over the country and there is no denying that interactive marketing is taking over. 

Cities like Minneapolis, where there has been a large increase in the number of marketing agencies that have popped up in the past 20 years, are one of the biggest reasons for this rise in digital. 

The digital marketers of Minneapolis are embracing the label as a marketing hub, as professional groups revolved around the field are popping up left and right. Women in Digital, a national group, has 7 cities in which they have 100 or more members, with Minneapolis/Twin Cities being one of them. The association’s overall goal is to accelerate the advancements and growth of women in digital creative fields. Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) is another prominent digital group in the Minneapolis area. The longest-standing digital marketing association in the country, MIMA hosts events in which they provide information and resources to educate fellow digital marketers in the area. 

Another popular digital association in Minneapolis is MNSearch, which is focused on search marketing. Because SEO is always changing and evolving, groups like these are important for the success of the small, independent digital marketing agencies in the Twin Cities. 

“It’s clear that there are some great minds in Minneapolis when it comes to SEO,” says Tim Brown, a board member at MNSearch, “and these professional associations are more than just ways to boost your resume or to network, but they also allow for SEO enthusiasts to share their findings and ideas,” continues Brown on the importance of these marketing groups.

Trends come and go, but the rise in digital marketing strategies, like SEO, is here to stay. Traditional marketing is starting to take a backseat to digital, and Minneapolis marketers are looking to continue their own trends of being an industry leader on the interactive and digital landscape. If you’re interested in attending a marketing event or conference to expand your own knowledge.

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