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New series in development based on popular novels by film and TV composer Nathan Larson

295 Media and Falcon Grove Productions inked a co-production agreement for new series, The Dewey Decimal System. Based on popular novel trilogy of the same name and written by acclaimed film and television composer, Nathan Larson (Boys Don’t Cry, The Woodsman, and Margin Call), the show will bring to life a captivating dystopian tale of murder, conspiracy and terrorism. Pitched at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, the series has received interest from several production and distribution companies. 

The series follows a homeless veteran (only known as Dewey Decimal), who has adopted the role of enforcer and private detective in the wreckage of what was once (New York City) after a massive cataclysm. As Dewey attempts to piece together his identity and history, he comes ever closer to discovering the root of the conspiracy that leveled the city in the first place, and his possible complicity in it. 

“We are extremely excited to partner with David Grover and Falcon Grove Productions to co-produce this series,” stated Kobié Kiambu, Founder of 295 Media. “As a fan of the novels, I’m honored to be entrusted with the awesome responsibility of bringing this story to life and ultimately to viewers- who I know once they see it, will become as engrossed in this world as we are.” 

David Grover, Falcon Grove CEO, added: “In the Dewey Decimal Trilogy, Nathan Larson brings to the forefront issues of race, socioeconomic status, and power accumulation in a society where the rule of law is broken – all issues we are staring at front and center today. Dewey’s deep character arc immediately attracted me to the project, and we look forward to bringing Nathan’s vision to the small screen. 

David Grover has lived in The Netherlands since 2008. Prior to becoming a producer, he was a banker and advisor to the Media & Film sector, having raised capital for his clients while based in London, New York and Amsterdam. While at ING Bank, he was responsible for a $150 million film financing facility for Morgan Creek, which financed films such as The Good Shepherd, Georgia Rule, Man of the Year and Two for the Money. He also provided financing for the animated film Planet 51. Since 2015, David resides in Den Bosch, where he founded Falcon Grove Productions to produce film and television in North Brabant, a province of the Netherlands.  His first film as producer is the Dutch action/science fiction feature Kill Mode, where David was instrumental in securing distribution for the film in advance of its completion.

Kobié Kiambu, co-founded 295 Media in 2016 and is a graduate of Towson University’s Electronic Media and Film program.  Prior to completion of his bachelor’s degree, Kobié studied Film Production at Leeds Beckett University in England. During his time at Leeds, Kobié worked in various roles on short films  including  Tapani Viikkila's comedy  "Ages  of Hunting."  Upon his return to the United States, he was hired as a cinematographer for Janks Morton's groundbreaking 2009 documentary Men to Boys. During this time, he started production on a passion project, Ink Spot on Canvas, a documentary featuring the "who's who" of the African-American intellectual community examining issues of race, culture, and police  brutality. Kobié previously worked for TV-One and Discovery Channel, bringing with him over 15 years experience in the television and film industry.   

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