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Entrepreneur Gary Vee’s Efficiency Hack That You’ve Never Heard Of 🤯

For those who are not familiar with Gary Vee, or Gary Vaynerchuk, he is a popular figure in the entrepreneurship and marketing space. He is known for his YouTube presence as well as leveraging the Internet and social media to grow his brands, including VaynerX/Vayner Media, Wine Library TV and Resy. We found a video […]

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How Microsoft Violated Jakob’s Law (UX) & Use Jakob’s Law Leveraging Press Release Distribution

So what exactly is Jakob’s law? The UX law simply states that users spend most of their time on other websites or apps, and they expect your website or app to work the same way as what they’re already used to. In 2007, Microsoft announced their launch of Office 2007, which includes Microsoft Word. Since […]

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Top 5 Business Email Providers

Email is the cornerstone of most organization’s communications. It is neither productive or painless to change email service providers, especially if the benefits are marginal. It is also important to consider the software and application ecosystem, particularly if you plan to use email in tandem with other communication tools (eg. Google Hangout with G Suite […]