Best Press Release Distribution Services

Just launched a new product? A book? Moved the office to the new place? Or have something exciting happening around your business? It’s time to tell the world. It’s time to execute the press release distribution.  

What is press release distribution and why do you need one?

Press release distribution is an important tool for businesses regardless of size. It allows you to reach out and connect to a larger audience, and it can be quite effective to target specific groups of people. 

It is an excellent way to extend your reach, get natural backlinks, build brand awareness, and create a positive reputation for your business. It is important because it gets your business in front of people already looking for similar products or services. 

The core of press release distribution is (1) a well-crafted newsworthy story or news release and (2) media contact database. By implementing strategic and continuous PR strategy a business can also boost its search engine ranking and internet visibility which allows more people to find you online through organic search. 

Types of PR Distribution Agencies

Since the evolution of social media and PR marketing, hundreds of PR agencies have surfaced throughout the nation, but PRDistribution is one of the most trusted and affordable choices for businesses. 

Which differentiates these PR agencies is their service or price model. A few of these offer only distribution services, while others are full-service. A few of these are free and have limited features, while others could be too expensive. 

Unless you have in-house PR writers, it is always a good idea to look up for a PR agency that offers PR writing as well as distribution services. Keep in mind that if your news release isn’t compelling enough, it won’t get the coverage you need. 

4 traits of the best press release distribution service

So, how do you pick the right PR distribution service for your business?

With lots of options available out there, it could be hard to decide the right PR distribution service for you. There are so many questions and not everyone is available to answer. 

Here are 4 things you can keep in mind when picking the PR service. 

The reputation

Google the agency. Do you find anything online that suggests the agency’s own internet visibility? You can also check its news section to have a look at its customers. 

Internet Visibility

A PR agency promising you a good PR should have its own internet presence at a good place. You can’t expect an agency to work out for you if it is failing to do something for it self

The cost

PR distribution can be expensive these days. But there is always a good reputed PR agency that doesn’t break your bank. Check the pricing as well as features that come along with that cost. 

For example,, Inc. doesn’t charge any hidden fee from the customer. The transparent pricing model is great for getting an idea of the upfront cost of the distribution process. 

The flexibility

Most PR agencies are kind of rigid and want to charge you for additional count of words or media usage. Having hidden charges isn’t uncommon either. 

The PR distribution service you choose should enable you to share your story on various media outlets without any crazy price tags. For example,, Inc. offers multiple PR distribution packages that come with add ons like PR writing, editing, social media shares, etc. It gives you 100% flexibility to choose whatever service or feature you want with detailed payment information. 

Tips for getting the most out of your PR distribution plan

Marketing landscape is constantly changing but the core fundamentals are still the same. It’s about getting your story out there and positioning yourself in the market. With the evolution of social media, blogging, and digital marketing, you have more opportunities to promote your business than ever before. But the growing number of these media outlets and social media platforms can be overwhelming as well. 

Reaching out to these media outlets editors and pitching your story can be a tedious task. It is estimated that every journalist gets over 200 pitches every day. Fortunately, the PR agencies like PR DistributionTM  are experts in reaching out and pitching to these journalists. 

PR Distribution  offers multiple packages for their clients. The packages include Web PR Distribution, Web Plus PR Distribution, Web Pro PR Distribution, Multi-Wire Pro PR Distribution, and Multi-Wire Max PR Distribution. 

The Web PR Distribution package allows you to send a single PR for $99. It offers entry level coverage and is great for businesses who want to test the water or have only one story to cover. The Web Plus PR Distribution package starts from $199 and gives you medium level coverage. It comes with Google, yahoo, Bing, Financial feeds, and Social sharing inclusion. 

Web Pro PR Distribution starts from $399 and includes higher-level media outlets such as Fox, CBS, CW affiliate media outlets, AZ central by USA Today, Chronicle Journal, and many more. 

If you are interested in a PR distribution package that offers high value for money, then Multi-Wire Pro PR Distribution is the right package for you. It starts from $799 and offers excellent internet coverage with regional and global syndication. It includes high-traffic media outlets such as AMP distribution, Benzinga, MENFAN, IQ stock market, TMC network, EIN, Yahoo news, etc. 

 Multi-Wire Max PR Distribution offers maximum coverage and starts from $1999 only. It is great for long-term SEO benefits and building higher authenticity. It allows your story to get syndicated to Associated Press, Bloomberg, Morning start, Business insider, USA Today, Market Watch, Yahoo Finance Australia/France/Italy, and so many more. 


PR Distribution™ is a known name in the PR industry. It’s the best way to get your story published to high-reputed media outlets in no time. With 7000+ and counting customers, they can help you bring the best possible exposure for your story.