What We Can Learn from Richard Branson and Global Press Release Distribution

Sir Richard Branson and his space flight with Virgin Galactic is talked about everywhere in the media and social media. He is a master at getting attention.

Here are just some of his feats, albeit not all tactful, at generating buzz for his companies:

Virgin Atlantic (1984)
Branson kicked off the launch of Virgin Atlantic’s new routes to South Africa by dressing as a Zulu warrior and posing with the locals.

Virgin Cola (1998)
Branson kicked off the launch of Virgin Cola by driving a tank through Time Square and pretending to blow up the Coca-Cola sign.

Virgin America (2007)
Branson celebrated the first Virgin America flight by bungee jumping off the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. It ended with him bumping into the building and tearing his pants.

Virgin Galactic (2021)
Just days ago, Branson garnered attention from around the world for Virgin Galactic by taking a flight into space with the Virgin Galactic space plane.

Sir Richard Branson at the 2009 launch of Virgin America in Orange County, California. (Wikipedia).

Richard Branson goes all in when it comes to marketing for his Virgin brand, and that’s a huge part of his success.

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