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What Is the Best Digital Strategy for Growing a Small Business?

Best digital strategy is one of the most discussed prominent topics whenever it is about the promotion and growth of all businesses either small or large. The main benefit of using digital strategy is that you can get reach, visibility, and awareness globally without worrying about border restrictions. Though it can take some time to […]

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7 Essential Ingredients for a Real Estate Press Release Distribution

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Real estate press release distribution has emerged as one of the best tools to create brand awareness and extended outreach, but many are still finding it hard to generate tangible results.  There could be many strategies to work with media and influencers, but only a few can be useful to create business opportunities for real […]

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20 Rules for writing news release for high-impact press release distribution

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In today’s age of digital publications and magazines, people are consuming information at a much higher rate. Most of the information is already available on the internet and is just a click away.  According to Pew Research conducted between Oct 2019 and June 2020, almost 25% of US adults prefer to read the local news, […]

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5 Reasons Why You Need Press Release Distribution 🤨

With the plethora of digital marketing tools available, why would anybody choose press release distribution? Here are just a few reasons… 1. Increasing your sales: If your customers find your products or services through search engines, PRs have a massive advantage in getting ranked because our media outlets are high in authority. 2. Boost visibility: […]


PR Distribution™ Upgraded to LiteSpeed and MariaDB 10.x Cluster

While many of our competitors focus just on marketing, we here at PR Distribution™ are obsessed with perfecting our technology so it not only works, but gets better overtime.​ If you have followed us from the earlier days, you will notice our News section went from a handful of simple categories to a comprehensive News […]


Media Outlet Domain Authority II

Part 4 – Media Outlets Domain Authority and Domain Rank for SEO In Part 2, we have discussed how Domain Authority and Domain Rank are proxy metrics used by SEOs to analyze the impact of a backlink to your website from Moz and Ahrefs. These are algorithmic rankings from 0 to 100. Any backlinks from […]


Shopify SEO Tips | Shopify Search Engine Optimization

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Many people and businesses have found great success using the Shopify platform for their online stores. But it’s not practical just to build your online store and expect people to magically find it. You need to make sure that your online store comes up in search engines. But how? Here are the top 10 tips […]


Shopify Press Release

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Recently, Shopify has really taken hold of our digital marketing culture and has become the preferred online shopping platform for people from all walks of life, from budding entrepreneurs to big brand names. But with hundreds of new products appearing on Shopify on a routine basis, it’s difficult to know how to make yours stand […]


Amazon Press Release

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There is a school of thought out there that says press releases are no longer useful. Their position is that with so many easily accessible tools at our disposal today for generating publicity, press releases are obsolete. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. A press release can be the best way to get […]


Retail Press Release

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A well-written press release is your admission to the world of positive publicity. It can open the door to coverage by TV stations, newspapers, and industry journals. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this unique opportunity. Find a newsworthy topic. If you want the media to take note of your […]