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Press Release Distribution Network Expanded With Industrial PR Distribution

We, here at PR Distribution™, are constantly working on innovating our technology, network and partnerships to deliver maximum value for our customers. We are excited to announce we have expanded our press release distribution network with more media outlets, particularly in the industrial sector! Currently, with all plans, your press release will now syndicate to: […]


PR Distribution™ Expands Distribution Release Distribution Network

With inflation in full swing, depending on where you live, you may have seen some of your favorite cereal, snacks and food get smaller, but the price remains. This phenomenon is known as shrinkflation. McDonalds did this during the 2008 recession, replacing the double cheeseburger with the ‘McDouble’. We have some good news for you […]

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Press Release Distribution’s Ship of Theseus 🚢

The ship of Theseus is a thought experiment that goes something like this: You have a ship, and as the wood degrades overtime, parts of this ship are replaced piece by piece. Once each piece of the ship has been replaced, do we still have the original? If not, then at which point does the […]

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How Microsoft Violated Jakob’s Law (UX) & Use Jakob’s Law Leveraging Press Release Distribution

So what exactly is Jakob’s law? The UX law simply states that users spend most of their time on other websites or apps, and they expect your website or app to work the same way as what they’re already used to. In 2007, Microsoft announced their launch of Office 2007, which includes Microsoft Word. Since […]

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Crypto Market Uncertainty: Start Now With Press Release Distribution

According to CNBC, Wells Fargo has shut down all personal lines of credit, which removes liquidity from people. What does this mean for business when one of the big fours (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup being the other three big banks) are doing this? Could this be Wells Fargo’s way of mitigating risk […]