How Microsoft Violated Jakob’s Law (UX) & Use Jakob’s Law Leveraging Press Release Distribution

So what exactly is Jakob’s law? The UX law simply states that users spend most of their time on other websites or apps, and they expect your website or app to work the same way as what they’re already used to.

In 2007, Microsoft announced their launch of Office 2007, which includes Microsoft Word. Since the first version, Word comes with a file menu on top and document controls, such as fonts, text sizes, etc. beneath. However, with Office 2007, they completely rearranged their UI in Word and other programs (eg. PowerPoint, Excel), moving everything into these tab groupings. This created a lot of frustration and controversy among users–some users opted to switch from using Word to Google Docs, released in 2006, which had a familiar UI that resembled Word 2003 and prior.

This marked the beginning of the decline of Microsoft’s market dominance in office productivity software.

As of current, Microsoft Word is offered in Office 365 and Google Doc is offered in G Suite. Interestingly, according to Statista, G Suite commands 59.41% of the market share while Office 365 commands 40.39%.

How can Jakob’s law be applied to marketing?

Let’s take an example of John from Bakersfield, California. He needs a redesign for his website, although it isn’t immediately urgent. He does his research and runs a Google search for ‘Bakersfield web design agency’, and researches the portfolio of some of these companies. He has found 5 companies he likes. John expects these websites to appear in the search results when he is ready to move forward in the future.

A few weeks later, he is ready to move forward and runs the search again. However, this time, 2 of the web design agencies that showed up before do not show up now (eg. lost their SEO rankings, paused their paid ads, etc.). Out of the 3 remaining that he picked earlier, he moves forward with one of them.

If prospective buyers expect to find you from a certain marketing channel, you need to be consistently there. Otherwise, they will purchase from someone else.

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